Yet, a jury of peers couldn’t convict him.
Yet, a jury of peers couldn’t convict him.
John the TIB

The officer felt “threatened”, and the law allows wide latitude to police officers under those circumstances. The issue is, did the officer really have good reason to fell threatened in the first place. The man declared that he was a concealed carry holder and declared he had a weapon. He was sitting in a car with his girlfriend and child, with an officer standing on both sides of the vehicle. What possible legitimate threat existed that would cause one officer but not the other to basically empty his gun into the guy?

While I completely agree with you that most of these incidents occur when individuals refuse to follow an officer’s directions and are viewed as an escalated threat, this wasn’t one of them. This was just a (Hispanic) cop with an unreasonable preexisting fear that a Black man would shoot him.

What we as a society have to address is that fear, and foolishly arming people who have it.

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