Net Neutrality is not a free-market principle. For now, it is our best option.
Tommy Mac An Riogh

Tommy, I am a lifelong republican and a fiscal conservative. I used to work in tech and once worked for a small FTTH ISP.

But i strongly believe high speed internet access has become a utility as critical as water or electricity.

Much like we have even in deregulated electric markets, it’s time to separate responsibility for the physical plant connecting consumers to the internet into a regulated utility. Our current system benefits dense populations of affluent people and greatly penalizies or denies access for a high percentage of our population. There is a clear association between high speed access and economic mobility, and it’s time for us to mandate national high speed access for all. And i say that with no equivocation.

Neutrality? At one point, more than 60% of internet traffic was generated by Netflix. Today, that’s divided between Netflix, Amazon, Comcast and a few others, but we still have a very small minority of content providers generating a majority of traffic.

Another area in serious need of attention is the fact that the vast majority of global advertising revenue now flows to i think five companies, including Google and Facebook. The internet is a somewhat mature industry, and it’s well past time to address the monopoly power of those giants, including their power to manipulate mass thinking, especially in politics.

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