Ah, the good old “but, but, Hillary!!”
Mateo D

Trump asked them to publicly state there was no collusion because there wasn’t. Comey told Trump three different times he was not under investigation. CNN had to withdraw their story which said Comey didn’t do it. Comey said the NY Times story from February which claimed collusion between Trump staffers and Russia was completely wrong.

While Trump asked Comey to go easy on Flynn, he didn’t direct him to, which is what Loretta Lynch did when she instructed Comey not to call the FBI criminal investigation against Hillary “criminal” even though it actually was.

In fact, most of the information which has been uncovered since Trump took office is clear factual evidence of politicization of the DOJ (directing billions in settlement fines to progressive activist groups, the weaponization of the NSA and other intelligence services, the illegal unmasking of US citizens both within the intelligence services, leaks by the intelligence services to the press,and the weaponization of the IRS against Obama’s political opponents (IRS attorneys have been telling a judge that they can’t discuss the illegal activities of IRS agents in open court because it might endanger agents lives.).

Meanwhile, several of Trump’s supposed “lies” have turned out to be factual according to the under oath former FBI director Trump fired.

After non-stop investigations for the past year, highly coordinated “protests” that were near riots, and hundreds of journalists crawling all over the Trump/Russia meme, you guys have come up with absolutely no facts to backup your smears and assertions.

I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again. I don’t like Trump. I didn’t vote for Trump. Trump, as foolish as he is, isn’t a, danger to America, or democracy, or freedom. No, it’s progressives who are attempting to remove from office, in the words of the NY Times, by any means necessary, the freely elected leader of a free state. Those people ARE a danger to free people everywhere.