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Uh, newborn babies free for adoption almost never go to foster care, they are adopted at birth. Planned Parenthood provides virtually NO services beyond birth control and abortion. FYI, Republicans last year introduced a bill to make birth control over the counter and without a prescription, democrats blocked it. Low income pregnant women or women with small children easily qualify for health care, food stamps, and WIC, even without Obamacare. The idea that only far right evangelical Christians oppose some or all abortions is an outright fabrication. Almost half the women in this country and half the men oppose abortion. I don’t agree with moves to make it illegal, but I do believe it shouldn’t be legal after 20–24 weeks.

On a different subject, we were foster parents for a decade and I try to advocate for foster children frequently. Could you provide a source for your stat that 80% of our inmates spent time in foster care? I’ve been saying 50%, and I’d like to update that. One of the biggest lessons I learned as a foster parent was that most who abuse drugs are self medicating mental health issues or dealing with unresolved past trauma. Sadly even Obamacare ignored our vast mental health crisis in available care.

Lastly, none of the consequences you list come close to the barbarity of tearing apart the bodies of unborn babies with forceps, or vacuuming out their brains to make it easier to crush their skulls for delivery, or the well documented trafficking in fetal body parts. Not even close.

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