Unmasking the Climate-Change Deniers
Project Syndicate

When people reject your argument, you don’t spend energy and effort trying to silence the opposition, you come up with a better argument and create more allies. 
The more effort activists exert attempting to demonize or silence opposition, the more suspicious I become of your actual motivations, especially when a core component of every policy I’ve seen is massive levels of redistribution, even across national borders.

There are two facts I know about climate change.

First, CO2 accounts for .04% (that’s point zero four, four thousandths of a percent) of our atmosphere. And two, humanity and all domestic animals account for less than 4% of annual global CO2 emissions.

In other words, reducing global emissions by 1% requires us to reduce our emissions by 25%, while the population continues to grow.

And the dirty little secret, if we were to wipe out the human race, CO2 emissions will still be more than 96% of current emissions.

Not to mention that the policy prescriptions of even some mainstream climate change advocates includes some level of human depopulation. I wonder who gets to decide how we achieve that goal?

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