Most of us can’t understand how blacks themselves aren’t up in arms about the massive increase in death in the black community.
Suicidal Economics
John the TIB

Worse than that, FBI stats show that 50% of all homicides and more than 50% of all violent crime is committed by Black perpetrators, usually young Black males, and predominately against other Black victims.

Think about these chilling numbers. Blacks make up less than 13% of the US population. Black males account for about 6.5%, and black males from 15-35 make up about half that number.

That means the young Black males who account for less than 4% of the population are responsible for about half of all homicides and violent crime.

Obviously most Black men are law abiding citizens, and there are dozens of contributing factors to that level of violence, but i believe that number clearly demonstrates why law enforcement deploys much of their limited resources to poor Black neighborhoods. The people living there are the primary victims of the violence.

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