Stop using that one study to pretend racism doesn’t exist in police shootings
Samuel Sinyangwe

You know, I’m really tired of activists and the press arguing that Blacks are shot at a higher rate by police when you use bogus math to back up your numbers. Your comparison is the number of police shootings compared to the entire Black population, but the question really is, if you’re stopped, what are your odds of getting shot? Based on the real numbers, i.e., what’s the rate of shootings compared to the number of stops, your numbers are turned upside down, and the reality is that Whites are actually killed at a higher rate. The esteemed Black progressive economist from Harvard didn’t just analyze a small sample from Houston, he compared shooting data from a large number of departments. Do you really he’s going to risk his professional reputation to make an assertion that stands existing beliefs on their head, when he actually shared those beliefs?? He said the numbers were the biggest surprise of his career. He did also report that Blacks were quite a bit more likely to be touched, or manhandled during stops. The question becomes, is it due to racism, or due to the fact that, according to a DOJ report from Los Angeles Blacks are TEN TIMES MORE LIKELY to resist arrest. If you’re arguing with a cop, he’s definitely more likely to touch you.

Besides the Harvard study and the DOJ study in LA, there was another DOJ study in Philadelphia that found Black police officers were TWICE as likely to shoot a Black suspect than a White officer, and a recent Tulane University study which found that Black judges gave harsher sentences to Black defendants and White judges gave harsher sentences to White defendants.

Look, there really is a problem with police violence and the lack of civilian oversight/investigation of police shootings. There is also a larger problem of municipalities using the poor and disenfranchised as their personal ATM card. There is NO NEED to falsify data to make that point. Worse, you’re costing yourselves some natural allies, the friends and family of that much larger number of non-Black citizens who end up just as dead.

What convinced me, a White conservative to agree with the central assertion of BLM activists, that cops seriously mistreat Black citizens when I know your numbers are bogus? It was reading the DOJ report on the government of the city of Ferguson. Heck, just about any conservative in the country already knows how local governments prey on their citizens, and police departments report to city managers and mayors who dictate policy. None of this is happening in a vacuum. Read the report, and apply it to thousands of communities.

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