When the user uses the app, they will receive the corresponding income. We will allocate the app’s income for users by user’s HDCH. HDCH is produced every half hour according to power. When user complete the relevant operation, the power value will automatically increase

HDCH — Blockchain Healthcare Ecosystem

With the health data blockchain ecosystem, healthcare service providers can analyze human health data, and provide intelligent healthcare applications.
With HDCH smart contract, doctors can add medical records, scan test results, and record drug consumption on the blockchain.
Patients can obtain healthcare services through awarding doctors tokens. They can give the insurance company limited access of their data to verify the treatments and audit the claim settlements.
Patients can obtain tokens by actively following treatments and make progress with their health conditions. Patients can also be rewarded by giving research institutions and pharmaceutical companies time-limited access to health data for medical experiments.

User-generated health data is an extremely valuable resource, which can be used for many purposes, such as disease diagnosis, clinical research, drug research and development, and it is also a key indicator to reflect the physical condition of users. But at present, these health data which belong to users are held separately by many organizations. HDCH solves this problem by putting health data transaction on the block chain, so that users can get ownership and management rights of their data.
By securing the encrypted data with blockchain and distributed storage technology, users can control the accessibility of their data, make profits from authorizing and exchanging their own health data, so that the ownership of the data can be returned to the data producers themselves.


Welcome to HDCH -Health Data Chain. Website: www.hdch.io

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