The dream software job description

Our totally boring company seeks software developers

Company is seeking developers that:

  1. are not crazy
  2. are pretty good at getting things done when they say, within reason
  3. don’t really care about the software language
  4. can learn stuff that they haven’t seen before relatively quickly
  5. are ok with spending time testing and documenting
  6. understand that their code may be need to be seen by others and act accordingly
  7. are not afraid to ask for help
  8. can show some code that the are proud of and can explain why
  9. like to develop software because it is creative and can be beautiful at times
  10. have opinions about software they like and don’t like that they can express clearly
  11. can appreciate the difference between expedience and performance and are happy to make tradeoffs as is necessary

What we offer:

  1. a clear product and development roadmap that is understood by everyone in the company
  2. healthy working conditions — low distraction environment, the needed technical resources
  3. unwavering commitment to treating everyone with respect and dignity
  4. reasonable deadlines
  5. mature and supportive management that advocate for their teams
  6. commitment to training and continued education
  7. clear communication throughout the organization on company status, strategy and issues
  8. a long-term sustainable vision
  9. no silly games, songs, “bonding” activities, toys, animals, alcohol etc.. at the workplace.
  10. no requirements for passing an “algorithm gauntlet” — your interview is not a PhD oral exam.