Rackspace please add support for Slack notifications to Rackspace Intelligence

Rackspace Intelligence is a server / service monitoring service that allows customers to monitor their systems via remote service checks as well as using an agent.

Here’s what is good about Rackspace intelligence:

  1. It’s free if you are a Rackspace customer or run Rackspace VMs! Why pay Pingdom $11 / month for a measly 10 checks per month when you can monitor unlimited servers for gratis?
  2. Rackspace intelligence does everything you need for basic remote uptime checks and service performance monitoring. There is also an install-able agent that allows you to monitor CPU / memory / etc which provides substantially more power to keep an eye on your infrastructure.

Here is what is lacking :

  1. There is no API for Rackspace Intelligence at the moment, so if you use orchestration / automation / configuration management tools such as Ansible or Chef there is no way to dynamically create alerts for a dynamic infrastructure.
  2. There is no Slack notification support. Yes, seriously! If you are using Slack to it’s fullest potential as a Devops tool not having your alerts in Slack is a real loss of visibility and also makes responding to issues slower (since you would have to switch from another app or email).

To be fair there is a Heroku app that converts Rackspace notifications to Slack notifications but you need firstly provide Slackspace with (minimal) permission to your Slack instance and more concernedly, credentials to your Rackspace account, which I’m not willing to do.

My motivation for writing this post is not in any way altruistic — my goal is simply to motivate the folks at Rackspace to add support for Slack notifications — so if you use Rackspace Intelligence please share this article or even better share your thoughts with Rackspace!

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