Even faster Edwards curves with IFMA

Creating a bar chart in Google sheets with one differently-coloured bar: among the hardest problems in computer science.

IFMA Instructions

purr programming on the IFMA backend

Adding intrinsics to Rust

// Need this to enable the intrinsic definitions
#![feature(simd_ffi, link_llvm_intrinsics)]
// The original Rust std::simd had typed vectors, which
// moved into the packed_simd crate. I like them better.
use packed_simd::u64x4;

// The `link_name`s below are pulled out of LLVM tablegen, have
// changed in the past, and might change again in the future.
extern "C" {
#[link_name = "llvm.x86.avx512.vpmadd52l.uq.256"]
fn madd52lo(z: u64x4, x: u64x4, y: u64x4) -> u64x4;
#[link_name = "llvm.x86.avx512.vpmadd52h.uq.256"]
fn madd52hi(z: u64x4, x: u64x4, y: u64x4) -> u64x4;

Implementation details

  • The notes on the IFMA backend give an overview of the IFMA instructions, discussion of previous work which uses them for big-integer arithmetic, and an overview of the strategy for using them to implement field arithmetic.
  • The notes on the parent module, the curve25519-dalek vector backend, explain the parallel Edwards strategy in general.

interested in zero-knowledge, privacy, freedom, mathematics, & the number 24

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Henry de Valence

Henry de Valence

interested in zero-knowledge, privacy, freedom, mathematics, & the number 24

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