Easy ways to expand your vocabulary

Are you looking for tips and tricks for the improvement of your vocabulary or you are willing to broaden your vocab for personal growth, the only key is commitment to regular learning of new words. This article elaborates some points in review of easy ways to expand your vocabulary in order to learn new words.

  1. Try to read more and more: The fact is the more you read the more you learn. If you are really willing to enhance your English vocab then try to read novels, newspaper, magazines or literary works this will help you to expose new words each time you read.

2. Always keep a dictionary with you: Whenever you found a new word don’t forget to consult your dictionary for the correct meaning and pronunciation, available either in online, print or software form of dictionary.

3. Try to use journals if possible: If you are keeping journal of all your new words with you then this can provide you a positive reinforcement for your learning aspects especially when you analysis the number of new word that you learn with the help of your prepared journal.

4. Try to learn a word on daily basis: Many people are using the technique of learning a new word on daily basis. You can use word-a-day calendar for this purpose.

5. If possible go back to your roots: One of the most popular methods of learning new words is going to the roots of the particular words. Greek and Latin elements for example their roots, prefixes and suffixes play a significant role in the English language and will act as a beneficial tool for learning new words.

6. Play word games: Try to play word games that help you to discover new words. This will act as a fun tool in the process of expanding vocabulary.

7. Try to Engage in Conversations as much as possible: If you are really willing to learn new words then the simple task you have to perform is to engage yourself in conversation that will help you to discover more new words. Whenever you hear a new word doesn’t forget to write so that you can easily study it later.

If you want to avail an opportunity to learn English in an easy and simple then you just need to stay in touch with englishleap.com to get more new words in order to enhance your vocabulary.

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