Well, a few things here. First, this is good conversation! It’s good.
Kel Campbell

I've read the comments and your reasons, maybe what bothered you was you coming out of your ways to respond to that man's kindness. Maybe you were having a bad day too, but I guess that what would have triggered this response was you allowing yourself to bend down to a situation, or more specifically a chosen path, that wasn't yours. For a kind smile and a gentleness should have enlightened your day, and thank God, not every man are gay. You coukd just have said thanks and headed to the other door. Now I believe that every woman wants love and respect, and every man wants love and respect, heck that's what every human being should be after giving and receiving but if it means doing something you don't want and will make you feel bad to make the other happy, than your first worry should be yourself. I know, from experience, how wrong it is to make yourself feel bad just to have the other feel good. I struggle with respect too, being a woman or pretty or attractive to some, and have felt all that you talked about, going from dressing down to hide, to getting fat to not look attractive, to being 'caged' in relationships because no one else could look at you and have my work being questioned by jealous minds. I do want respect, at some moments of my life more than love, but I finally came to a place where I must and have my own boundaries and limits, and not allow the outside man or woman make me feel less, but most of all I shall always take the path that makes me happy, for that is how I can contribute in the best way to the whole environment around.

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