What are the advantages of watching movies?

Like everything else, it depends on how you look at them. Some people watch it for fun, to relax themselves, as an outing with friends, pass time or because everyone else is doing so.

We can gain quite a lot from movies. You just need to make the right selection.

Watch cartoon movies to enter a fantasy world and to forget everything for a couple of hours.

Watch documentaries so that you dive deep in the area of your interest. It gives you information which you can always talk about with someone else.

Watch Bollywood movies (most of them) because you don’t want to use your mind for sometime. During that period logic is the most useless word.

Here are few things which I learnt from movies

A) Negotiation

If it is not “win-win” it is not negotiation. If you wish to learn the art of convincing watch 12 Angry Men

B) Illusion

If you are spiritual and believe in the essence of Bhagvad gita, The Matrix is for you.

C) Fight

People survive the most difficult of times, provided they have the right attitude. Learn it from Life Is Beautiful

D) Live your life

Life happens in the present when you follow your heart. Watch Amélie and realize it.

E) Chase excellence, not success

3 Idiots is your movie for it. The moment you think about money, you can’t become a pro at your skill.

F) No shortcut to success

Work hard to earn money. There are no shortcuts. You can realize this while laughing continuously when you have Hera Pheri played.