I don’t know how many meds I have taken in my life… I was adopted when I was like 7 or 10….
Samantha Miller

My dear “Ms Miller,”

First of all, allow me—on behalf of all humanity—to congratulate you on your unprecedented and quite literally unbelievable, miraculous cure. You are One of A Kind! If only one of the thousands of legitimate medical researchers working on a cure for HIV/AIDS had been as lucky as your beloved charlatan herbalist Dr Odious! Who knew that a real education would turn out to be as unnecessary as real medication!

Secondly, allow me to gently express some incredulity about your story. Two of my sisters were adopted into our family, and I think all of us remember at what age this happened (give or take a few years, I mean). I also think you should get another medical opinion or two (this time, perhaps, by a certified medical practitioner), because if you are indeed positive, you might be heartened to learn that it, in North America at least, the incidence of women infecting men with HIV is so low that it is statistically insignificant. Also, I’m gonna say that yer spelling and syntax are rather peculiarly inconsistent. For example, your versions of TV (“T.V”), what’s (“whatz”) and “I guess that kinda good” bely your surprisingly sophisticated usage of the word “nor.” One might even be briefly tempted to consider that your singular post is—how shall I put it?—complete bullshit. Ok. There. I’ve said it. I feel better now. All the best to you and yours.

God bless,

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