How to debug UC Browser for Android

UC Browser has a huge market share in India and other Asian countries. Unfortunately, it is buggy and behind in support of many web standards. Lack of debugging/dev tools complicates the issue.

After spending a lot of time in their official forums and reading docs (in Chinese !), I found out there exists an ‘official’ way to debug.

I’ll cut straight to the chase:

  • UC Browser has a ‘developer edition’ apk which can be downloaded here
  • Since the site is in Chinese, you could use Google Translate or use this link to download it directly
  • Install the apk (you may have to enable ‘unknown sources’) and enable USB Debugging
  • Open up the dev edition of UC and connect it to your computer. UC Browser will show up as a WebView in Chrome DevTools.
  • Thats it ! You can now inspect element, use the console etc from Chrome DevTools !
It works !
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