Understanding The Features Of IPTV And Their Benefits

Internet Protocol Television or IPTV is a fast emerging concept which has gained much popularity in the recent years. The various features of IPTV provide a number of benefits and enhance the television viewing experience. It provides users the freedom to view content of their choice. It also offers flexibility by allowing them to view programs at a time suitable for them.

IPTV basically implies the process of moving images that are sent over IP. It involves a multitude of diverse systems. In order to gain maximum advantage from IPTV, it is important to understand its functioning.

What is IPTV?

The encoding used by most iptv service providers involves the usage of H264, MPEG4, MPEG2 or propriety protocols that are used in point to point networks, multicast or broadcast. The usage of IGMP and middleware protocols which manage the views is not compulsory and is often dependent on a number of factors.

IPTV can effectively be used to view normal television, remote windows, adverts, special services, VoD and many more things. For viewing normal television, the iptv channels list may be subscribed. The channels list can be used to select the preferred channels.

From the technological perspective, IPTV involves a fairly wide concept which has a multitude of applications. The applications may vary significantly in their functioning. While some may use open system, the others may rely on closed ones.

From the customer’s perspective, IPTV relates to the capability to create customized channels. These channels include the content that the subscribers wish to watch. A USA IPTV subscription allows users to select a channel package of their choice without being tied to the norms of broadcast scheduling. This implies that viewers are given the freedom to choose and pay for channels preferred by them. This reduces the cost burden for them as they pay directly in proportion to the channels chosen by them. Customers can also take advantage of numerous other features offered including live internet TV. All these factors significantly enhance the TV viewing experience.

From the perspective of advertising, IPTV helps advertisers to base their advertisements and campaigns on the detailed demographic information available. The channels subscribed by IPTV users can provide advertisers the relevant information about the lifestyle and choice of customers. On the basis of this information, they can identify their target audience and design advertisements accordingly. If for instance, a user subscribes to iptv sports package, advertisers can use this information to advertise related products and services. It provides broadcasters to generate revenue by using repurposed legacy content and avoid incurring losses due to the tendency of customers to avoid advertising.

IPTV can basically be said to be a media broadcasting method that is becoming popular for Video on Demand and live broadcasts. It has enabled a new paradigm for watching videos. It gives users the freedom to watch whatever they choose a time preferred by them. By subscribing to IPTV sports channels, they can watch their favorite sports events at a time preferred by them.

Features and advantages of IPTV

The concept of IPTV is still new for many users. It is hence important to throw light on its various features in order to promote better understanding amongst users. IPTV is the acronym which expands to Internet Protocol Television. It allows users to receive TV channels by connecting the IPTV box to the broadband internet connection. Once connected, users can enjoy their favorite channels by subscribing to iptv services for a fee. They may also opt for various packages offered by companies. The biggest advantage users get by choosing iptv is the access to a wide range of channels. They can custom pick channels of their choice and pay the price accordingly.

Another added advantage of iptv is the additional services and features offered. These include features like digital video recorder, telephone service which is known as VOIP or Voice over IP and many more such amazing additions.

By choosing IPTV, users can easily record their favorite TV shows by using their cell phones and watch them later according to their convenience. IPTV also helps in moving various PC centric features to the television sets. Users also get to enjoy high quality HD videos by choosing IPTV. The time taken in buffering videos is saved considerably by opting for IPTV installation.


The IPTV provides numerous features which can enhance the TV viewing experience and also allow users to make a choice regarding the content to be watched. These factors have made it immensely popular.