Hillary is better than The Donald any day of the week.
Laurie Barrera

So you want to vote for someone who you know lied to you, has total contempt for you intelligence, has no issues with gross conflict of interest, knowingly or incompetently put exceedingly high level government communications at risk for totally self centered reasons and changes her position and views based on political expediency? Its funny, I can’t think of ANY other democrat who has consistently cried about some right wing conspiracy against them, if you do please enlighten me. I’ve never heard Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reid never make those sorts of claims, and you'd think they would be targets as well. Sometimes there’s a stink around things, and sometimes that stink has a reason! Trump may be a blow hard and a bit rattled at times, but at least I feel that he has a degree of ethics and morals that are grossly lacking in Hillary.

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