1% For The Planet Contributions

As a proud member of the ’1 Percent for the Planet’ community, headbits dedicated 1% of its 2017 revenue to NGO’s working on environmental causes.

This year we selected the following two institutions.

Protect Our Winters (POW) — Switzerland

Protect Our Winters (POW) is a non-profit environmental organization aiming to inform, educate and sensitize mountaineers and the public about climate change. POW bases its information on research findings, seeks advice from field experts and gets support from its scientific advisory board. The vast amount of knowledge is then translated into understandable everyday language and comprehensive examples, making it easy for everyone to understand their impact on the environment.

Arosa, CH

Why we support POW

A significant amount of information, as well as the high complexity of the climate change topic, leaves individuals to feel overwhelmed and ultimately hinders climate protection. POW creates transparency with straightforward information and shows that individuals can make a difference through simple everyday examples which eventually lead to behavioral adjustments.

Therefore ‘Protect Our Winters’ is reducing complexity to foster positive ideas in its own right, making climate change tangible for Swiss citizens.


Mote Marine Laboratory, Sarasota FL

Mote Marine Laboratory is an independent, not-for-profit, marine research organization in Sarasota Florida, devoted to the ocean and its future. The Lab aims to advance marine science and education supporting conservation and sustainable use of marine resources. The Mote Aquarium and associated education program translate Mote research for the public.

Sarasota, FL

Why we support Mote

Environmental challenges form part of the broader societal challenges we face today. No matter how complex these challenges, they are usually caused by underlying structural inequality. We believe that Mote is a role model in applying a simple blueprint to tackle such challenges through research, education, and innovation.

Mote’s advanced science and research arm collaborates closely with research institutions and partners, operates field stations and conducts studies. Additionally, Mote educates the public through their aquarium, marine science school, and learning programs. Their expertise eventually converts into innovations such as Red Tide detectors, again taking educational institutions along to close the loop .

We believe that Mote’s application of research, education, and innovation provides the perfect blueprint to tackle societal challenges large and small.


We’re very much looking forward to growing our contributions to these two and similar NGOs over the next decades.