Sailing to a new company logo

After 4 years of headbits running with the below logo, it was time for a change. We were looking for something more recognizable and modern.

We worked with Vadim Carazan to start the process of creating a new headbits logo. Vadim understood that we’re a consulting and software development company that helps its clients to reduce complexity by making things coherent and easy to understand.

After the brief, he came up with 3 initial concepts all of which reflect the nature of our business to some degree:

Concept One

Concept one focussed entirely on the simplification process:

We liked the icon as a standalone, however, it didn’t work well in combination with the font pairing, we felt. The simplification process certainly is important for the work that we do, however the square within the circle triggered associations with a ‘stop’ button which contradicts the forward motion we try to achieve with our solutions.

Concept Two

This concept paired the simplification process with strategy aspects.

We didn’t go with this concept because it looked too similar to another consulting firm, we’re directly competing with. Moreover, we felt like it didn’t adequately reflect our unique selling proposition of being able to offer both strategic consulting as well as software development.

Some team members liked this concept because it reminded them of ‘Space Invaders’ — not what we want to communicate through our logo.

Concept Three

The third concept paired the strategy idea with the technology aspect of our business.

We were very intrigued by this logo. However, after playing around with it for some time it became clear that its recognition factor was very low. While the three underlying concepts (i.e., strategy, technology and ‘H’) all make sense on their own, we felt that the combination thereof didn’t click.


We didn’t go with any of these ideas for the above-mentioned reasons. However, in this process, we realized that we’d want our logo to represent what we stand for and where we’re headed more clearly, rather than purely describing what we’re currently doing. That’s why we went back to the drawing board with Vadim and honed in on another concept he created earlier — the sailing boat.

We immediately fell in love with it and started tweaking the coloring, sizing and font pairing. Suddenly, everything came together and everyone involved liked the final outcome.

For us, it represents three things that are at our heart and we can truly identify with: simplicity, forward motion, and sustainability.

As we’re growing we want to ‘foster positive ideas’ at scale, this is why we help our clients to reduce complexity, build delightful digital products, and allocate capital to NGOs, early stage ventures and own experiments.

We feel like our new logo truly represents what we stand for, what we’re doing and what we’ll keep doing for years to come.