By Breanna Morsadi

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Writer Antony Jay poses that “The uncreative mind can spot wrong answers, but it takes a very creative mind to spot wrong questions.” With 850 million students having migrated to remote learning last spring, and in anticipating more COVID related school closures this fall, many schools and districts are asking, “How will this disruption play out?” While this ed transformation continues to evolve and our questions and potential plans for restructuring with it, we have an opportunity to seize the present and focus on one thing — creative thinking. Creative thinking is what allows us to think forward; it gives us the foresite to anticipate unexpected disruptions and the flexibility to question our own biases and assumptions. …

Empower your Learning Community

By Breanna Morsadi and Chloë Fraser

Cultivating a learner-centric environment isn’t always easy. …

dis-PLACEd Guide to Fall Planning

By Breanna Morsadi

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With an unprecedented displacement in education, there are many conversations — formal and informal — contemplating what to do next. One of those conversations happened as a group of educationalists gathered to discuss plans for fall and beyond by asking, “How will we co-create new places of learning?”



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