Top 2 reasons that result in lost child custody battles

Losing a child’s custody may be devastating for some parents and heartbreaking for others. As such, separated parents who are fighting to win a child-custody case should know the different reasons why they may lose the battle. This blog provides two main reasons. Each of them can have a significant impact on the decision made by a court.

The first reason: Physical child abuse

The very first reason that may cause a parent lose a child custody battle is when that parent is and/or has engaged in abusing the child. Physical child abuse may often result in burns, bruises, scars, and wounds. The abuser can easily use their feet, hands, or objects to hurt the child.

Sometimes, physical abuse may even be disguised as a form of corporal punishment. Those parents who often relate this form of punishment with discipline must always remember that there’s a very thin line between abuse and mild penalties. This line must be respected and must never be crossed at any cost. Any leading child custody lawyers in Sunnyvale, CA, will concur with us on this point.

Sometimes, physical abuse is caused stems from a parent’s own psychological or mental disorder. Many times, parents physically abuse a child because they were abused as a kid by their own parents/guardians. This special phenomenon is often referred to as a definite “cycle of abuse.” Some parents may even suffer from a perpetual case of anger mismanagement, and that results in such abuse.

The second reason: Sexual child abuse

A lot that we have already written on physical abuse applies to sexual abuse as well. Sexual abuse is among the biggest and strongest reasons why parents end up losing a child’s custody.

Sexual abuse can be overt, or forced acts of intercourse, or even indecent exposure. Also, such abusers are generally found in a variety of demographics and age groups. There is not any one profile that fits everyone.

Court will never tolerate or minimize any instance when parents sexually abuse their child. Also, if a parent is neglecting any case of child abuse at home, then she/he is equally at fault. The abuser or the parent who is neglecting such ongoing abuse is actually heading toward losing the child’s custody.

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