In HEAL Lab’s most recent post: “Lessons learned on turning your end-users into co-creators” we introduced the background and the idea of inviting 12 Architects to Helsinki for a one-day workshop. In this follow-up post, we will dive into the discussion on why we chose two of the workshop methods we used, and which proofed to be very successful. Furthermore, we explain some of the lessons learned from these activities.

We at HEAL Lab are on a mission to improve the way we design, build, purchase and maintain our buildings to foster a healthier way of life. To meet our goal, we began experimenting with a set of digital tools to alleviate challenges faced by architects working with wood buildings. While the HEAL team draws on a rich reserve of skills across multiple professions to develop these tools, we recognise the complexity, enormity, and downright daunting nature of the road ahead. How can a relatively small team of coders, architects, and designers make a meaningful contribution to a whole industry…

This is the latter half of my two-part blog series. Read the first part where I tell about how I first got into wood construction here.

After two years as an entrepreneur I joined Stora Enso again, this time with the task to visit architects, carpenter companies and industrial customers to find out about their needs and challenges, because Stora Enso had now quite a wide range of building products and we wanted to find out what the market really needed. I also started to collaborate with the key universities and research institutes to see how we could share more…

It is both a great honour and responsibility to write the first official blog of Healthy and Affordable Living Lab (shortly and smartly called HEAL). As with so many other issues, I had some brainstorming first with my wonderful coach Manuel, who also happens to be my husband and an “archimaker” (= architect who also makes the houses he designs). We both came to conclusion, that this needs to be my personal story, a pilgrimage, which is just a beginning of many personal HEAL stories, with the same common goal: make future buildings more healthy and affordable for us all.


We co-create how buildings are designed, built and maintained, to enable healthy and sustainable living for all.

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