Getting Started with Heal and Apple Watch

When you’re sick, have you ever wished, while laying in bed miserable, that you didn’t have to call the doctor’s office, spell out your symptoms in pain, and wait some more to get an appointment? Then, you have to drive, wait in traffic, sit in a waiting room to get just seven minutes with a doctor. After all that, you pack yourself up and head home, sick of being sick and sick of waiting for someone to help you get better.

Instead, what if you could flick your wrist, press a button, and have a doctor come to your house in under an hour? What if seeing a doctor was as easy as pressing a button?

Introducing Heal for Apple Watch

The world’s first on-demand doctor house call app for the Apple Watch is here. To use it, make sure you have the latest version of the Heal app on your iPhone (go to the App Store app and tap the Updates tab). If you don’t have Heal already, you can download the app at

Doctor to Your Home in One Tap

When you launch the Heal app on your Apple Watch, it will automatically detect your current location. If you want to change your address, you can select from your recently used address.

Heal remembers your previous doctor type selection, but you can also choose from an adult doctor or pediatrician for your kids. When you’re ready, press the “Request Doctor” button.

When your doctor is assigned, you can glance at your watch at any time to see them on their way to you.

Before your doctor arrives, you have easy access to their bio right on your watch. When the visit is over, you can instantly view a receipt and rate the visit from your wrist.

Feeling Better Just Got a Lot Easier

The Apple Watch was designed to make it easier for you to leave your iPhone in your pocket for the tasks you do most. Heal makes it easier to see a doctor without the hassle of actually going to see a doctor. Now, with Heal and the Apple Watch you can feel better with just one touch.

We’re hard at work on some super cool new features for the Heal Apple Watch app so stay tuned! In the meantime, let us know what you think.

The Heal app for Apple Watch is available now. Get it here.

Tiago Lopes
Sr. iOS Developer

Originally published at

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