Water: Hot or not?

— — Mugdha Bansal, Healers at Home

Yes, I wrote about water in my previous article. 
 No, I am not obsessed with it. 
 Yes, there are a lot of myths and beliefs around water consumption (Come on, rumour-weavers! You couldn’t have left out spreading gossip about water, the most basic requirement of human beings, could you?!)
 No, I am not angry, I just got thangry (You get it? Thirsty-angry? Thangry?!)

Small recurring episodes are what caused me to feel that totally made-up word. 
 “Don’t drink hot water after meals”, “You should drink warm water after meals”!
 “Oh, you hit your head! Why don’t you press an ice-pack against it”, “Your arm seems swollen, let me get you some hot water to dip it in”, “No, silly! That arm needs an ice-pack”!
 “You want to tone down? Drink ice water. And then, you see the difference!”, “The go-to deal is warm water if you want to lose real weight”!

Okay, hold it! Can you please decide, already?! This is where I usually give up and just drink water at a convenient temperature.

But as you know, sweet readers, this is not the solution. The solution is digging deep till you find water! (I promise, this was the last one)

Weight loss magic potion — Hot or not?

Well, water matters, the temperature doesn’t! (Read “Water the Chances”) 
 The body is said to process water to bring it down to its own temperature. This gave rise to the thinking that maybe ice water would serve as a better fuel to burn that fat. But in a mathematical explanation provided by Roger Clemens, DrPH (doctor of public health) in nutrition and biological chemistry, the ice water does not contribute as much. When you drink ice water (roughly 4 degrees Celsius), your body will expend calories to bring it to body temperature, which is about 37.5 degrees Celsius; that’s a difference of 33.5 degrees. To raise 1 gram of water 1 degree Celsius, 1 calorie is expended. (This is a “little” calorie — what scientists use to measure small units of energy. The calories we refer to colloquially are actually 1,000 of these and are known as kilocalories in the science world.)

Raising your typical glass of water by 33.5 degrees Celsius will take 33.5 calories x 240 grams of water, which equals 8,040 little calories, giving us 8.04 food calories (kilocalories). Therefore, you’ll burn about 8 calories for each glass of iced calorie-free beverage you drink. Uh-huh! Not worth it!

Best time to consume water — Hot or not

Warm water:

1. Start your day with a glass or two of warm water. It helps improve digestion and kick starts your bowels and metabolism. A slice of lemon squeezed into it would be helpful more so, especially if you find warm water a little hard on the taste buds (Happens with me, and squeezing that lemon makes it a whole lot easier to drink)

2. Definitely not a post-workout drink!

Cold water:

1. When you feel the heat coming down on you, grab a glass of cold water to cool down those nerves

2. Post-workout quencher! I know, your maa says that if you’re working out, breaking into a sweat and are reaching out for that cold water, you might get a stuffy nose. But that’s just some sweet, yet misplaced concern! (Sorry, maa!) The deal is that post your workout, your body heats up and often demands a cooling agent, for which cold water works perfectly. Also, drinking cold water gets absorbed more quickly into the body and leaves you drinking more water. So that solves the dehydration worries too.

Natural Body Detox — Hot or not?

Hot, hot, hot!
 Warm water helps you to get rid of the nasty toxins causing trouble to the paradise your body is. It helps open up your arteries, regulate your blood flow, rid of acne and other skin problems.

Body Pain Riddance — Hot or not?

Warm water kicks a Kapow to your Oww, when it comes to your joints, menstrual cramps, muscle cramps, headache, inflammation, muscle spasms and general body pain.

Congestion Relief — Hot or not?

Nothing like warm hugs, heated food and warm water to aid nasal decongestion. I know you’re nodding in agreement! So before you reach out for nasal drops, try drinking some hot water or inhaling steam, creating an enclosed surrounding.

During and immediately post meals — Hot or not?

Drinking excessive water, that too cold, or downing cold beverages, during your meal causes the fats being ingested in the foods to solidify at a faster rate, creating more trouble for our body in getting rid of the unwanted fats from our system. Similarly, drinking cold water or beverages immediately after meals, causes an increase in the mucus production, lowering our immunity barriers, sending open invitations to more illnesses and nasty colds.

Hair wash — Hot or not?

Both have their perks. When you’re looking to let oils, serums and masks seep into your pores, warm water masks or steam baths are helpful. But when you’re looking to lock in shine, sheen and moisture, ditch the warm water baths and opt for cold water. Hot water tends to dry out your hair and robs your hair of much needed moisture.

Pill Downing — Hot or not?

“Cool down!” This might be helpful in remembering that you must always take your meds with cold water only. Using warm or hot water, tea, warm milk or other hot beverages might cause lodging of your meds in places you don’t want, and your pills won’t reach your stomach. Not even with carbonated drinks, sweetened beverages or fruit juices. Remember, cold or room temperature water, and one pill or tablet at a time.

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