A Letter to a Narcissist

Dear Narcissistic One,

Once I thought you were a friend, but the more I spent time with you, I realised that I was a mere curiousity in your life. A form of entertainment that you can turn on or off. You never really cared about how I felt. It was all about you. It was all about how you could you never be wrong. How you could never be sorry.

It was all about your perfectionism. It was all about your journey in life. It was all about how great you felt you were to have succeeded in our own life and how everyone should just be like you.

You were the saviour and those who did not agree with your plan of salvation, they would be exiled.

You had a binary brain, where things were either good or bad, strong or weak, etc. You could not see the grays in the human experience. You could not accept that everyone has their own experiences and that life cannot be reduced to a simple wish that we should all be like you.

You lacked manners. You liked to view your own judgments as superior. You liked to pretend that others were intellectually inferior.

You treated others as uncivilised and viewed them as savages.

You rejected those whom you deemed not worthy of your time. You searched for flaws to attack and criticise. Instead you missed the biggest flaw of all.

Look at yourself in the mirror.

What do you see?

Maybe you see your good-looking self, but I see a highly insecure human, with abandonment issues.

Yours sincerely,

A Former Friend

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