Dangerous Thinking: Are you a people pleaser and a self-hater?

One of the most dangerous form of thinking is to want everyone to like you. You might be willing to sacrifice too much of your time and health to please others. This can end up damaging your health physically as well as mentally. In life, I have learnt the hard way that you should not try to get everyone to like you. That is not your job. You should treat everyone with a certain amount of respect, but that is relative to whether that person earns your respect. If they are an absolute jerk towards you, then the amount of respect you may have for that person may not be as high as it would for others. Human life is about survival. When we are children, teachers teach the kids to all hold hands and walk together. In the real world, life is not that simple. There are people whom it is best to keep a certain distance from, because they are toxic people. No matter how much of a saint you might want to be towards them, their personality is toxic from the inside out. It is not your job to reform them, because those people have deeper issues than you might realise.

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