The Gift of Hearing

To be able to hear is one of the greatest things that a human can do. Many of us take our hearing for granted until we lose some of it.

Preventing Hearing Loss

  • Wear earmuffs in noisy places, whether it is at home, at work or while riding the subway. The same goes for events that have fireworks or firecrackers.
  • Be careful with pharmaceuticals. Some drugs are known to cause hearing loss, which means that if you can choose a drug that does not have this side effect, you are making a wiser choice. To know if a drug promotes hearing loss or not, contact the drug manufacturer or search for “[insert Drug Name] and ototoxic”.
  • Give your ears a break from loud music. Keep the volumes on earphones as low as possible. Don’t listen to music continuously for hours. Your ears need a break to recover from any noise-induced damage.
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