In attempting change in healthy ways, recognizing “root causes” of our issues, initiates a clear address to work from towards their resolution. Following the root’s growth to its current phase, results in understanding the issue pathology, and the shifts its made into harmful or healthy states. “Stigma,” in its own path of sway, has a branch of root that is buried deeper than others; the common sometimes unknowing of this connection line from its seed, that I believe in properly crediting to your conscious:


Google Definition of “Stigma”

Prior to writing this post, I was pondering my infinite curiosity of seeds, and found myself virtually wandering to an articulate about plant reproduction; the winds and animals communicating pollen to germination points, and seedful plants regifting themselves to their purpose. Once pollen is in contact with a flower, it enters a shaft that further realizes its essence into seed… like a male’s reproductive exit point and a female’s reproductive entry point, the “stigma” is the entry to the pistil, where then the “style” carries the pollen to the plant ovary, where the seed begins to manifest:

Flower Anatomy

I assume that the latter series of definition, besides the botanical point in the cloud, is used to establish an adjective to archetypes into the norm, but in cultural pathology, has been used as a means of shame, and in an undercurrent, has an association to the sexual reproduction of nature by linguistic deviation; appointing the natural phenomena of plant reproduction symbolism, to a “diseased” or “disgraceful” social assignment. Biased or not, proof of this is listed in the latter definitions.

Essentially, words carry the weight of their sound when spoken, as well as the impact of inspiration and imagination; projected to each other in speech or writing, art, song, and in body-language and meditative-self-talk. The collective association of a meaning of a word and the individual translations are always in a war of interpretation; strategizing their use with wisdom.

for example, in the use of ancient or foundational language and industrial or commercial language, where the former language tends to have ambiguous definition, carrying greater depth and diversity of potential translation, providing inherent acknowledgment to the creativity of the interpreter’s meaning, and ability to find mutual understanding. Whereas the latter lingo has many definitions, in varieties of order via absolutes, with differing associations in topic that can be confusing or hidden, often, but not always, to serve an industry-based agenda or to lack forgiveness. Either linguistic could be used for healing or harm. Researching the etymology of “stigma”, it seems to be described as a part of Earth’s foundational & ancient beauty, but tied to how it could be used to identify societal “curses” of groups, using an unforgiving order of definitions.

While reading an insightful book called Mind Managers by Herbert Irving Schiller (a dedicated professor of identifying roots of media manipulation tactics), I learned about Edward Bernays; nephew of Sigmund Freud, a co-initiator of the Council of Foreign Relations, and author of various books. I read Propaganda, by Bernays, and concluded that his use of knowledge-power was bought out by the terribly villainous. Rather than liberate humanity and Earth consciousness through his communicative “gift,” the promotion of hiding pain upon the populous was rooted in a nasty greed. A few examples of this was when Bernays worked to market a false feminine movement for cigarette companies in the 20’s and 30’s, played a major role in the United Fruit Company’s false-insurrection of Guatemala, and was falsely appointed the title “father of Public Relations,” -which wasn’t a popular term until Bernays and his crew blew it up in the 20's, and now it’s one of the most populated industries in Communications.

Identifying “public” and “private” (comm-unication), are the lines drawn truly to the comm-on purpose? Has creative acknowledgment anciently ambiguous been subjugated into a stagnate foundations of a commercial definements of a cultural norm, or are we breaching this realization; creatively remembering ourselves to the meaning?

Every blow-up’s got a backfire, and such careers do not have to be sought in the same harmony in which they’ve been sowed, because rhythm changes through resonance like systems change through resolutions- and just for kicks as another point, according tropical astrology, Bernays and I were both born on the Cusp of Revolution, 103 years and 2 days apart. I hope to inspire versions of his peaceful counterpart, being a student of his knowledge, unifying where my power stands and reclines.

I bring up Bernays because dude used the manipulation of words to cover roots of reference, with divisionary diction, greed-ordered linguistic pathology, and by playing the game of “wolf in sheep’s clothing”.

Perhaps “greed” is a growling “seed.”

However, I see a vision where the wolf does not always have to be hungry and deceiving; finding the balance between being a loner and of tribes, guided by moon and realized by sun- sacred meaning seeking intuitive vibes to a calming of over-centralized ambition.

Speak Your Vision By Pazabilities Healingual

If stigma is considered social mythologizing, whether noting a truthful archetype based on reputation, falsely trended, unforgiving, or perpetuated in an neglected acknowledgement in the ability of definement-changes, the current may do well to shift over-centralized harmful archetyping of people and groups, into healthier forms of “stigma”, as the tactic to conquer each other into negatives fits into a harmful rather than healthful societal-design; hoping to plant more nourishing seeds. In the latin-greek root stigma, it’s supposedly “a mark made by a pointed instrument”- but aren’t words in themselves “marks” carried by the instrument of our understandings? And so, moving to liberate the imposed confusions, I question the definers our common chooses to listen to.

It’s also propagated that stigma’s disgracing connotation stems from the christian-catholic term of “stigmata,” marking the wounds that killed Christ, before they came back to life. Whether metaphorically or literally, believing Christ deserved to die, or that they were wrongfully murdered, or believing in them at all, either way leads to the point that they were “reborn” in some way and stories are told and listened to- so maybe that analogy is to relate plant reproduction to set an association to perpetuate christian-catholicism, and whatever it means to the populous, in subconscious way.

So I wonder, there is the healing and the harmful side to using the word “stigma”, religion be-sides the point, and asking what kind of energy do we give its birthing power? Which ways do you address your root, pathologize its growth, and design its sway to move with the wind, the animals, and the common? How do we feel free and great-full in flows of justification semantics?

If the stigma is a point when pollen inseminates the carrier tube of ovulation, where seed culminates to transform (I wonder if this is similar to the Chrysallising of a Caterpillar-Butterfly?), do we plant healing changes or divisionary hungers? Do we feed our hungry rage with definitions in order to establish more enemies, or do we sow the inspiration of new generations, meaning to feed our relationships’ nurturing causation?

This may be divisionary language, as this article is addressing a deviation tactic, however I digress in the hope that we find balance in, and between ourselves. To be focusing on our own root causes, so we can be more thorough in understanding the root-causes of others, and so we may learn to follow our healthiest pathology of personal-justification, in our reach of current movement design, through the storm of society we weather or knottedly-scribe to?

Be-cause, when we are able to define what harms and what heals us, being able to recognize the differences within ourselves, we will learn to innerstand the path we must embark to our goals, based on our own stigmata- ‘er stigmas what-have-you, that through our own unique shaft of style, will bloom the seeds of our gifts, that we then petal to our relations as gracefully ovulated pollinations of our personal-truths into the world.


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