Health Tech Hub, Vol # 2— The best reads in medicine and health tech

  1. Apple entering the medical tech scene? — Apple begins devoting more resources to medical tech, including a diabetes sensor.

2. A tale of the world’s heaviest man —What it means to someone to lose 700 pounds — Paul Mason’s perspective on being given another life.

3. Machine Learning and Stem Cells (Nature). Researchers at the Allen Institute have built a way to visualize and predict stem cell growth and differentiation.

4. Book Recco! The Real Costs of American Health Care by David Goldhill

A pragmatic look at the current state of healthcare insurance. Are we rightly pushing forward with ineffective legacy systems? Or is it time to re-invent things from the ground up? An eye-opening and accessible read on the economics of healthcare.

5. Podcast Recco! a16z: The Business of Healthcare — Listen to the renown venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz (a16z) discuss the evolution of value delivery in healthcare