HealthTech Hub Vol #5 — The best reads in medicine and health tech

  1. A Side-By-Side Comparison of the Affordable Care Act and The GOP Revision. A look at the differences between Obamacare and the new bill that was passed, including tables and graphs forecasting outcomes on several variables.

2. The American Healthcare Act Explained: This article discusses major questions and issues revolving the newly passed healthcare bill, including consequences for those with pre-existing conditions, affects for the lower-class and wealthy, and the fate of Medicaid.

3. Health Care Insurance Simplified — For many (myself included), the terminology and abbreviations can potentially steer the public away from the discussion about health care. This WebMD article goes over different health insurance terms and compares different types of plans.

4. “The Fourth Industrial Revolution” and Healthcare (World Economic Forum) — The World Economic forum discusses major landscape changes that will need to be addressed as medicine advances and more people live longer.

5. Big Data, R&D, and Pharmaceuticals (McKinsey) — Research and Design is just another pillar of how big data will lead to changes in health care. See this McKinsey report for recommendations on how pharmaceutical companies can rethink R&D.