Essential ways to beat stress naturally

STRESS — one word that gives us all the creeps

It has become a part of modern day living. Every conversation or action directly or indirectly revolves around it. Unfortunately, there is no way to avoid completely. You are going to have to learn to deal with it. Why not learn some natural ways to beat stress? Aren’t you tired of medicines already!

Tip number 1 — Practice mindfulness meditation
 I swear by this method. Mindfulness is the art of focusing one’s awareness on the present moment. It is a quick 5 minute consciousness technique where you observe yourself calmly, acknowledge and accept one’s thoughts and feelings. It leads to profound realizations about yourself. Next time you are stressed, try this method. Sit comfortably, close your eyes for 10 minutes. Try and analyze the moment, be aware of your depression or anger or sadness, break it into minute pieces and think of what led you there. Be aware of your thoughts. Don’t react to it, don’t judge it.. simply observe. Finally, detach yourself from the scenario (like a third person) and think about best possible solutions on how to solve it. In essence, mindfulness is YOU zooming out of YOUR life, consciously contemplating on your actions and making right decisions for yourself.

Tip number 2 — Chuck some vitamin C
 Experts have confirmed that drinking juices that are rich in Vitamin C (orange, kiwi, strawberries, and cherries to name a few) reduces stress levels. Vitamin C decreases the levels of Cortisol (stress hormone) and can therefore be beneficial to have a drink in the morning for a fresh start of the day!
 Tip number 3 — Music for life
 Listening to music (slow ones) has a powerful way of relaxing your mind. It reduces your heart rate, slows down the pulse, lowers blood pressure and decreases the level of stress hormone. Works best when you take a walk or run with some soothing music on

Tip number 4 — Reverse psychology: Make stress your friend
 When you change your mind about stress, your body’s reaction to stress changes. Do not worry about getting rid of stress. Learn how to get better at handling stress instead. Take them positively. A study conducted over 8 years in the United States found that 182,000 Americans dies prematurely, not from stress, but from the belief that stress is bad for you. So the next time you are stressed, trust yourself to handle it positively

You probably have your own tried and tested method of handling stress. Share them in the comments section below