How to Ripen Bananas Faster?

Ripening is a natural process. Ripening of fruits involves the conversion from starch to sugar among many other aspects such as a change in color, consistency, and texture of the fruit. It helps a fruit to attain a sweet taste. Although ripening of bananas is a natural process there are ways and means of ripening it at home. So, how to ripen bananas faster?

Know How To Ripen Bananas Faster In 2 Simple Ways

Bananas are harvested when green and unripe but they continue to ripen after harvest. How to ripen bananas naturally? Ethylene gas produced by the bananas triggers the ripening process.

Growers, when ripening, keep the fruit away from light as sunlight raises the temperature inside the fruit. On the commercial front, the ripening process may be done slowly to prevent the fruit from becoming mushy.

Source : How to Ripen Bananas Faster

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