Home Phlebotomy Services — All That You Need to Know!

Can’t visit a hospital for a blood test because your health is not allowing you or the idea of waiting in a line at a hospital or a laboratory stops you from undergoing a vital procedure? Keeping this factor in mind many diagnostic centers have considered home phlebotomy services that provide convenience to patients in collecting their laboratory orders from home.

Home phlebotomy specialist are equally trained as hospital personnel’s that can conveniently come to your home and perform various laboratory testing. They are also qualified to deliverer specimen to a laboratory and send results directly to ordering physicians or to the patient themselves.

Many people have yet to use a mobile phlebotomy services and may doubt reliably of mobile healthcare companies however the quality of services and quick turnaround, indubitably, diagnostic centers providing home blood draw services can be termed as the best service providers in the medical industry.

Additional benefits of collections at home:

Avoid exposure to airborne pathogens and other illnesses found in waiting rooms

Services are available for all patients of any health issues including diseases, life threatening or non-life threatening

Gives bedridden patients the chance to improve their health without leaving their home

No waiting in long lines

Without a busy waiting room, phlebotomist can take their time to perform procedure and give compassionate care that you deserve

Now that you have an idea about home blood draw services, scheduling an appointment is just as simple.

  1. Complete an appointment form available on the website of a diagnostic center or contact customer support.

2. Make sure all the details such as full name, contact number, address, date of birth and payment information are provided

3. Attach the ordering physicians requisition

4.Once appointment is scheduled, a certified phlebotomy professional will visit you at your leisure.

Easy, right? So, why wait in long lines or put an elderly patient in a difficult condition when you can simply use a home service.

Whether you need services for yourself or for your loved one, a skilled phlebotomist will come to you. It is important for you to verify a mobile service and if your order can be performed by a reliable and professional company. Checking reviews and validity by calling customer support lines to answer all questions that will help you to make the decision of a quality mobile healthcare company