Priced Out: Amy Krohn

Health Care Voter
Nov 1 · 2 min read

Watch Amy’s ‘Priced Out’ video testimonial here.

My name is Amy Krohn, I live in Columbus, Ohio, and my fourteen year-old daughter Addie has type 1 diabetes. She wears an insulin pump, and her life depends on it.

Type 1 diabetes, formerly called juvenile diabetes, can be caused by a variety of things, including genetic predisposition, environmental factors, and certain viruses. My daughter didn’t choose to live with this condition, but drug corporations choose every day to price my child out of her survival to turn a profit.

The rising cost of insulin is a crime against humanity. In the last decade, the cost of insulin has tripled — some types of insulin have increased in price by as much as 800 percent. Innocent people are dying because they can’t afford the medication they need to fight against a disease they never chose to have. And the corporations that force them into these death-or-broke situations rake in billions in revenue every quarter.

These drug corporations need to be held accountable. Too many families like mine are being forced to decide between necessities to pay for insulin.

Put yourself in my shoes. Imagine the person you love most cannot survive without a medication that costs more per month than your rent. Imagine being priced out of protecting your child’s health. Imagine being priced out of turning fifteen years old because drug corporation executives and the politicians they pay off decided their bonuses were more important than letting you live long enough to start high school.

That’s the everyday reality for too many people.

We can’t afford to be priced out any longer. We need affordable insulin — NOW.

Health Care Voter

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We are mobilizing one million voters nationwide to hold Trump and Congressional Republicans accountable for their efforts to sabotage Americans’ health care.

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