I have been overwhelmed by the tremendous feedback on my post about leaving Bayer and humbled by both public, but also countless private messages asking about “what is next...”. As my post said, I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Bayer, getting to know hundreds upon hundreds of passionate individuals around the world and certainly have many lessons learned, but will save those for another post :)

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So what’s next..

As a mentor once told me:

Two things matter most: Impact and Fun and part of fun is learning..

So when I decided to leave Bayer, it was also a decision to apply this filter going forward and hence the Executive Summary of what’s…

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While the physical act of swallowing a pill is the easy part, the emotional part of getting diagnosed is felt through your body, mind and soul. The stereotypically crappy experience of our health & care system pre and post-diagnosis does not make the pill swallowing easier.

At the same time the EROOM law has been in effect and finding those drug(able) targets is getting more and more difficult with rapidly declining R&D productivity.

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Joining Bayer was my first foray into and inside a Life Sciences company When I first started with Bayer, I had the pleasure to participate on a Pharma panel at the 2016 Health 2.0 Santa Clara. Pharma industry have been talking about beyond the pill for decades, but the industry is still largely talking about it, because the word pill is in that sentence and the phrase is anchored in it.. …

Once again I was listening to Stephen Gate’s podcast “The Crazy One”. …


Eugene Borukhovich

Serial Intra & Entrepreneur, Founding Board Member of YourCoach Health , Health 2.0 NYC & AMS & DUS, Husband, Father to 2 gr8 girls. Views always my own!

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