Pilotitis — the new chronic disease

We have all heard about pilots.. not the flying kind, but the ones that organizations use to “try things” with startups. The hope and goal is that every pilot that is launched has a hypothesis that one can prove or disprove. In most cases (and unfortunately it’s anecdotal evidence) pilots die out. There are many reasons for that but will list just a few

  1. The corporate pilot “owner” wants to do something cool — woot!
  2. Startups agree to do free pilots (NEVER do it people, NEVER)! You need skin in the game with your corporate partner.
  3. Not the right team culture & misunderstandings
  4. Lack of skills on corporate side
  5. Lack of understanding how “things work” by entrepreneurs in corporates and inability to navigate.

While “pilotitis” term was overheard by me in the eHealthHub discussion at Health 2.0 today, I am curious on how you manage this chronic disease ?

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