I have been overwhelmed by the tremendous feedback on my post about leaving Bayer and humbled by both public, but also countless private messages asking about “what is next...”. As my post said, I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Bayer, getting to know hundreds upon hundreds of passionate individuals around the world and certainly have many lessons learned, but will save those for another post :)

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So what’s next..

As a mentor once told me:

Two things matter most: Impact and Fun and part of fun is learning..

So when I decided to leave Bayer, it was also a decision to apply this…


While the physical act of swallowing a pill is the easy part, the emotional part of getting diagnosed is felt through your body, mind and soul. The stereotypically crappy experience of our health & care system pre and post-diagnosis does not make the pill swallowing easier.

At the same time the EROOM law has been in effect and finding those drug(able) targets is getting more and more difficult with rapidly declining R&D productivity.

Once again I was listening to Stephen Gate’s podcast “The Crazy One”. (Just love it!!) This particular episode with the title of “Why innovation is rarely authorized” grabbed my attention. Stephen was having a discussion with Sina Mossayeb who spent over 6 years at IDEO as a Systems Design Lead and Gregory Larkin whose book “This Might Get Me Fired: A Manual for Thriving in the Corporate Entrepreneurial Underground” has now been added to my summer reading list. …

I have a history on my maternal side for both Type 2 and type 1 diabetes. My wife and I also have a running joke that I have been trying to lose the same 30–40 lbs (13–18kg) for the last 20 years of our marriage. I have had various A1C test results that put me straight into Type 2 diabetes category. I get the kick in the ass, get in “sort of a shape” and then bounce back. …

Does #data speak?

I am not a scientist nor will I ever pretend I am. I consider myself knowledgeable & educated, open minded and yet strong in my visions and beliefs and with that I challenge myself and my beliefs all the time.

This also might be one of the most philosophical posts I have ever written but in philosophy one finds their perceived truth.

In this data driven world it seems very easy to say what is right and what is wrong — just study the data and you know…. “data speaks for itself”. And as a. …

Importance of Importance

<angry>“This is so damn important why isn’t so and so responding?” </angry>

Does that sound familiar or at least resonate? I am sure this happens to everyone who is reading this at least once a day if not more (and if it doesn’t I WANT to KNOW your secret!!)

Well here is a simple perspective: what’s important to you, does not mean it’s important to the other person…. especially in large organizations where there is process put in place and every function (hate that word) has its goals and KPI’s with deliverables and usually many projects at…

Zoom Out

For many years now my out of office always said something similar to:

“While I am physically out on a holiday, my digital twin is always on 24/7/365 and you can find me on Twitter etc etc”

Multitude of variations of the above message kept my mind always attached to daily activities, always responding to people around the world. Simply said, I had major FOMO just in case I miss something. My intensity outside of headspace sessions (yes I have a 603 days streak as of today), never really subsided.

Somewhere in my mind the statement of “don’t…

Everybody knows the somewhat cliche statement of “There is no I in Team”. We all also know that the things you can do purely by yourself (unless you are working ON yourself but even there I would argue one needs help) to full completion are limited and this is across your life not only related to your professional career. I do wonder how many people follow-up with just a simple question: “What does it really mean to be a team?”

These are my raw thoughts and not in any particular order aside from forming the two words “WE CAN” :).

I was very happy to be invited to keynote at the health track of Arctic 15 (thanks Aki and Jan). It was an amazing cross industry event with deep content but also with the best slogan ever: #ActionMatters !! The event had deal room sessions, deep and productive conversations and attendees from the full value chain of investment community so it did not disappoint. Oh and let’s not forget the sauna outside of the conference. I would simply describe it all as extreme entrepreneur-ism :)

Speaking of extreme: I have certainly heard about Polar Bear Pitching that takes place in…

Pilotitis — the new chronic disease

We have all heard about pilots.. not the flying kind, but the ones that organizations use to “try things” with startups. The hope and goal is that every pilot that is launched has a hypothesis that one can prove or disprove. In most cases (and unfortunately it’s anecdotal evidence) pilots die out. There are many reasons for that but will list just a few

  1. The corporate pilot “owner” wants to do something cool — woot!
  2. Startups agree to do free pilots (NEVER do it people, NEVER)! …

Eugene Borukhovich

Serial Intra & Entrepreneur, Founding Board Member of YourCoach Health , Health 2.0 NYC & AMS & DUS, Husband, Father to 2 gr8 girls. Views always my own!

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