It seems that a greater number of people these days are taking steps to try to become healthier. People are eating healthier foods and exercising more.

Additionally, people are becoming more aware of the world around them and how they affect that world. People want to know to purchase more locally grown food so as to support local farmers. People are buying organic products so as to support fair trade and people’s rights as well as to promote conservatism of the earth’s resources.

So, it will make a lot of people interested to know that vitamin B17 comes from something completely natural-apricot seeds. Yes, that’s right-vitamin B-17 is a natural product, as its source is just a regular, everyday, common fruit. Apricot seeds are what make up vitamin B-17, that’s it. This vitamin is a purified form of the substance that is found inside apricot seeds. This substance is called amygdalin, and it is what is used to create vitamin B-17.

That makes taking vitamin B-17 to prevent cancer completely natural. When you take these vitamin tablets-available in either 100mg or 500mg strength pills, which can be split to smaller sizes-you can be confident in knowing that you are taking a natural product.

It may seem rather strange, but this is, indeed, where vitamin B17 comes from. There’s good reasoning behind this, too-it wasn’t done arbitrarily by some vitamin manufacturer.

Apricot seeds contain amygdalin. Amygdalin has cyanide locked away, ready to battle cancer-and this cyanide can only be unlocked by a cancer cell because only those cells have the special unlocking enzyme. Once unlocked, the cyanide kills the cancer cell. Nearby cells aren’t harmed because a neutralizing agent is released with the cyanide to protect those cells.

Once this was discovered, a biochemist studied the substance and learned how to purify it. Then, in 1952, amygdalin was given its vitamin status based (at least partly) upon recommendation from the co-founder of the National Cancer Institute (NCI). Today, the NCI doesn’t readily acknowledge the benefits of vitamin B17, though.

After reading a great deal of information about vitamin B17 and amygdaline and laetrile, you will come to find out that thousands of people have been using these substances-either through vitamin B17 tablets, through apricot seeds, or both-to keep themselves cancer-free for many years. In addition, many more people have stated that these products have helped them to cure their cancer more quickly or to keep it in remission for far longer than what doctors had thought possible.

Through reading about all of this on the internet you will also learn that you cannot purchase vitamin B17 in any local pharmacy, drugstore, grocery store, or health food store. Nor can you purchase raw apricot seeds anywhere-except for online. You can find dozens of websites online with testimonials about how these products can-and have been-used as cancer cures and as cancer prevention measures…yet you cannot get in your care and drive somewhere to go and purchase them.?

The reason the FDA will not let stores sell vitamin B17 or apricot seeds is that it has not been scientifically proven that eating apricot seeds or taking vitamin B17 is beneficial to a person’s health. The FDA believes that there is not enough scientific data to show that the substance in vitamin B17 and apricot seeds can be effectively used as either a cancer cure or a measure to prevent cancer.

Most people believe that there is an ulterior motive, not enough money. No one can really make any money off of vitamin B17 or off of raw apricot seeds. After all, how can anyone patent cancer cures that are completely natural, like an apricot? There is no money to be made off of this type of cancer treatment; therefore, many people believe that is the true reason behind the FDA stance against vitamin B17 and apricot seeds.

Yes, the FDA is supposed to be protecting the public; however, a recent USA today report showed that over half of the members of FDA advisor’s had conflicts of interest-meaning that they had ties to the drug companies. Approving vitamin B17 would mean taking away their profits.

Joni Bell is a natural cancer prevention and treatment specialist with years of experience. He has done various reports on the subject of cancer prevention and treatment and continues his effort to educate people with the good news that we can live cancer free. Cancer Free


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