Body, Mind, And Soul: What It Truly Means To Be Healthy

Apr 18, 2017 · 3 min read
“Good health can be contagious, but don’t wait to catch it from others. Infect others with a healthy body, mind, and soul.” We contemplate the real meaning of ‘being healthy’, and how one can measure it — by the size of your waist, or sharpness of your mind.

Ask anyone what the definition of ‘healthy’ is, and I bet you will get a different answer every single time. It is one of those topics which is nebulous and difficult to pin down. Moreover, as we do more in-depth research about health, the more questions it throws back at us. However, most people might agree that being truly healthy will involve the following three components:

Healthy Body: This is usually the most common definition you hear for health — eating right, exercising, and preventing illnesses.

  • Health begins from the inside, so what you eat is very important. Learn to read nutrition labels, and include the 5 basic food groups in your meal plan. A lot of us balk at the thought of giving up our favourite foods, but moderation is the key. Even reducing the intake of unhealthy foods and sodas will go a long way.
  • Regular exercise is a must. Even 30 minutes of physical activity everyday will be beneficial. Try to include physical activity within your daily routine if you cannot find time to go to the gym, such as walking up stairs, instead of taking the lift.
  • Prevention is always better than cure. Schedule regular medical and dental checkups to monitor the status of your health. You don’t need to see a doctor only when you are unwell! The aim should be to prevent becoming unwell in the first place.

Remember, there is a big difference between looking healthy and being physically healthy! Regular exercise towards a fit body is ideal, but propagating shortcuts such as ill-researched diets, or ‘health drinks’ that usually contain unhealthy ingredients, do not help.

Healthy Mind: You may be the biggest fitness fanatic who stresses on healthy eating and regular exercise, but if you are not mentally at peace with yourself, then there will surely be lapses in your efforts towards leading a healthy life. Our day-to-day lives are fast paced, and full of stresses that we constantly wage a battle against. Keep an eye out for your mental health.

  • If periods of ‘feeling blue’ or being depressed persist, don’t ignore it. Mental health issues are most often swept under the carpet. These are very common and dangerous health issues, and must be accorded the same urgency as one would give to a physical ailment. Be aware of what you feel.
  • Keep your brain active. Undertake new projects that encourage learning, such as a new language or a new skill. Read books.
  • Get adequate rest. In our frenzied lives, the one thing we always give up on is sleep. But this is important recharging time for our mind as well as our body, so get a good, restful night’s sleep. Do not keep your phone or electronic gadgets near the bed, as they hinder a restful sleep.

Healthy Spirit: An often neglected aspect of health, we usually confuse this with being religious, or indulging in magical mumbo-jumbo! But health can be holistic only when we consider being healthy in all three aspects: mind, body, and spirit. Spiritual health is a very subjective issue. It caters to our souls, and helps us find peace and purpose in life. A healthy soul paves the way for a healthy and happy life.

  • Meet people, and make connections. In this day of online friendships, real human emotions get lost within the maze of the worldwide web. Take time out to forge personal connections.
  • Appreciate nature. It has wondrous healing powers, and can instill peace even in the most disturbed minds. Take time out for a walk, and to smell the flowers.
  • Music, volunteering, art — anything that brings you closer to feeling spiritually healthy will be beneficial for your overall health.

What is your definition of health? Add your comments here!

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