Sharing Best Practices: Delta Faucet

Delta Faucet Company has served the home and commercial improvement needs of West Tennesseans from its regional headquarters in Jackson since 1995. In addition to devoting significant time and resources to meeting the specific product needs of its customers, Delta has made the health and fitness of its employees a top priority since its inception. We recently spoke with representatives from the company about the innovative ways they help employees meet their own personal wellness goals.

The centerpiece of Delta’s employee wellness program is its on-site fitness center. Renovated in February 2016, the 2,500 square-foot facility features 10 cardio units, treadmills and stair climbers and a variety of strength equipment and free weights. Employees can often be found forming groups to exercise together at lunchtime and encouraging each other to meet their goals. If some can’t make it during lunchtime, the fitness center offers the added benefit of being open 24/7 — — making sure fitness can become a part of everyone’s routine.

The company’s promotion of employee health extends beyond the fitness center, however. Vending machines with unhealthy options were replaced with “fresh market” machines that offer a greater variety of fruits, vegetables, and low-calorie snacks. Delta organizes a number of health checkups which encourage employees to be knowledgeable about relevant, personal health numbers such as cholesterol and blood pressure levels. These events combined with monthly fitness challenges have created a belief in personal health as a collaborative, ever-changing process that requires input from multiple parties.

All of these initiatives have built an impressive corporate culture and communication system at Delta. A production manager at the facility noted, “It has been fun to watch and work alongside others as fitness goals are set and achieved. These common goals have allowed me to personally get to know several individuals in other departments who I had never spoke with in the past.”

Hourly employees are encouraged to participate with management team members who engage in the company’s fitness programs. Delta has made great use of the Small Starts at Work materials provided by Healthier Tennessee. Specifically, the programs “Water Water Everywhere” and “Group Sweat” have solidified collective health as an integral part of the Delta Faucet Company culture.