Finding the ‘you’ in what you do

Confusion of identity out of the way, ready to move forward

After 9 years into my career as an Osteopath, and running 2 business’ including the Osteopathic practice, it wasn’t until around 4 months ago that I ultimately came to the realisation that I was going about things all wrong when thinking about what it is I do.

From the graduation in 2007, and then moving straight out to New Zealand to start my new career and life, I now see that I had placed a cap on my head that read ‘Osteopath’, which is I guess, what i’d set myself up for right? — Going to the European School of Osteopathy and obtaining the B.Sc (Hons) Degree will do that, no?!

No, and i’ll explain…..

When I signed up for the 4 year course, I was Neil, a guy passionate about helping others and wondering what to do as a career, a guy that loves to be around others and overall would rather help everyone over himself.

Why did I suddenly, and for the past 9 years place a cap over my head that labelled me into just one corner?! Who knows, but 4 months ago I realised that Neil, as Neil should be, is that guy who always cared for others and was able to now see that through the thick of all the stuff that happens in life, that working in Osteopathic Medicine was just a tool that I had in my toolbox that I could use to help others. It wasn’t the sole entity of my life as I know it.

So reflecting on what its all about, I can now see that being Neil that owns 2 business’ and doing what I love to do shines through even more now than it ever has before. The passion to help others with their health, physically & financially.

Anyone has the chance to break the mould if they wish to do so, we are all able to find out what it is that drives us to do what we want to do, to the best of your ability.

I feel that from a small age we are placed in a bubble of what we should be doing wth our lives; go to school, go to Uni, get a job, have a career of 40+ years, retire!! I personally do not sit well with that mentality and think that life is far too short to not do what you think is right, not following the herd.

We don’t have to be known as Bob the I.T guy, or Sharon the Hairdresser, and I believe that merely being who we want to be and being that unique person that we really are, will transform your mind to being Bob, a guy that loves to help people problem solve, and just so happens to love doing it with I.T…

Amazing things happen when we start to rise above and see through the clouds.

Go and get ‘em