Best health Insurance Companies in India

Health Insurance

The basic expenditures of an individual have been demarcated into different categories, and health being one of the most important ones. Inflation in the medical industry has resulted in increased expenditure on the maintenance of health, and this has widespread the prominence of the various health insurance plans. In times precedent, buying a health insurance policy was considered to be the job of well-established and people, who had strong financial backup. And today, to the contrary of this, health insurance policies have moreover been considered a necessity, rather than something that we call luxury.

Types of plans

Talking about the health insurance plans, the insured needs to understand the various types under which the insurance policies are defined. The various types of health insurance plans in India include the following;

· Individual plans

· Personal accident covers

· Senior citizen plans

· Family floater health plans

· Critical illness insurance plans

· Employee/ group insurance plans

· Maternity insurance plans

Buy policies with maximum benefits!

Different companies in India bring health insurance policies that comprise in themselves terms and conditions that may differ from each other in certain perspective. To find the most suitable policy, you need to ascertain the best insurance company in the country.

The health expenses are crunching our pockets way beyond our expectations, and that is the basic reason why every individual today needs the most suitable health insurance plan that is designed in accordance with the sole needs. Below we would analyze some of the health insurance companies, and sort out the best options among them;

Oriental insurance- The oriental insurance company is marked as one of the most reliable service providers in the insurance beat. They deal in wide assortments of insurance products that mainly include insurance for agriculture, aviation, accident, healthcare, automobiles, and marine cargo. The oriental insurance mediclaim brings benefits for the insured’s in the form of the following features; hospitalization in the network hospitals on cashless basis, where the sum assured may range from 50k to 500k. The policy allows benefits without pre-acceptance medical benefits for individuals below the age of 45. The company allows 10 percent of family discount on the total accrued premium amount, where it attaches with itself income tax benefits that lie under 80-D of Income Tax Act. Any entity amid the age of 3 months to 80 years is eligible for taking up the oriental insurance mediclaim.

The benefits of the same include;

· Pre and post charges incurred in hospitalization.

· The expenses incurred in hospitalization.

· All related day care expenses.

· Organ donor expenses in organ transplantation.

· Ambulance expenses to a maximum of 2000 or 1 percent of the total sum assured.

· Benefits related to health check-up.

· Expenses accruing towards domiciliary treatment.

· Ayush expenses.

Star health insurance- The star health insurance company is basically named as the Star health and Allied Insurance Co. Ltd and this endeavour is basically a combined venture of the leading NRIs, Oman Insurance Company UAE and an Indian Company. Being one of its kinds, the star health insurance company was a pioneer to launch a special policy for the individuals who suffer from cardiac diseases.

Some of the exceptional features incorporated in the star health insurance policies include the following;

· An option which does not only enables co-pay but allows the payment of 20 percent of each claim made in respect to the insured’s that lie amid the age of 61–65 years.

· The policy allows an option for life-long renewal.

· After the time of 4 years post registration of the policy, the pre-existing diseases would also be covered.

· Allows the insured to get the room rent expenditure that may range to 2 percent of the sum insured, or to a maximum of 4000rs.

Thereby the best health insurance company is basically the one which renders maximum benefits, and charges minimum expenditure for the same.