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Revealing the Various Advanced BJJ Techniques Available

Owing to the rapid growth and popularity of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu worldwide, martial artists have become well-versed with a few of the basic joint locks such as the armbar and the kimura. This article discusses the other set of techniques which are available for specialists of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu — chokes.

What are Chokes?

In advanced BJJ techniques, chokes are used as a form of submission in different combat sports. In chokes, the opponent is forced to submit by tapping out or make the referee intervene and end the fight. Such an advanced BJJ technique proves to be even more in real life fights than sports competitions because if chokes are applied with the right skill, then it has the capacity to render any attacker unconscious in a matter of seconds.

This is the reason why such an advanced BJJ technique has been adopted by military forces and law enforcement agencies all over the world in their hand-to-hand training programs. In fact, it is these chokes are so effective that in many areas of the world they have been prohibited.

Some of the most commonly used chokes are as follows —

Rear Naked Choke

This is the BJJ technique which is used very often. This choke is used when you are right behind your opponent. In this technique, you slip one of your forearms around the front part of the opponent’s neck, while the other arm is used to grab the wrist.

The opponent in most of the cases is disabled not because of the lack of the oxygen in the windpipe, but the blood supply to the brain through the carotid artery is interrupted. The carotid artery is the most important artery when it comes to supplying blood to the body. Thus, anyone can become unconscious in moments if the artery is completely pinched by the choke.

Guillotine Choke

This is another technique. Much like the Rear Naked Choke, the move is applied to the neck. The difference being that instead of doing it from behind your opponent, it is done face-to-face. The ideal time to apply a guillotine choke is when your opponent has ducked her/his head either because she/he wanted to grab your legs and make you fall or had slipped past one of your punches.

This advanced BJJ technique is named after the French beheading machine of the same name. In this choke, the off-arm is used to apply force on the arm which is wrapped around your opponent’s head as if you were to remove it from the body. This choke has the added advantage that it can be applied while you are still on your feet so that your body weight can be dropped once the choke has been applied for added force.

Despite a number of advanced BJJ techniques being developed, the best defense is prevention and which can be done by keeping your chin as close to the chest as possible. Other methods of escaping from chokes are also available but it is best to learn them from the professionals.