Things You Should Know About Supplements

Supplements, dietary supplements is short. Here a few wordy, because many novice on the correct usage of common supplements ambiguous. First, the supplements are not magic pill, not Dali Wan. It will not let you eat immediately become muscular, it’s just common nutritional supplements, these nutrients can through meals dietary intake. Just fitness crowd large demand for these nutrients, while the amount of intake of three meals a day and limited, so we need to separate supplement. For example, increasing muscle people need about 5 grams of creatine per day, if all rely on food intake, you need to eat about 5 pounds of meat. Obviously, this is unrealistic. Supplemented by supplements, you can do it easily.

Common supplements have side effects?

Common supplements, such as protein, creatine, glutamine, carnitine and other body itself exists something that is non-toxic side effects. Only when these substances in excess of the state long-term, it may have some reaction on the body, such as creatine overdose may cause diarrhea, but these cases will disappear immediately when the appropriate amount.

Disable supplements will bounce it?

This is the most common problem, for example, many people have asked eating protein powder out of the muscle exercise, there will be a rebound after stopping, the muscles will disappear? In fact, a little bit of common sense would quickly come to understand: protein powder protein supplements just as three meals a day, if the intake of protein meals already meet the required daily physical activity metabolism, you do not need to break down other proteins in the body ( muscle) has. That is the so-called rebound is non-existent.

Protein powder have side effects?

This is an issue we are very concerned about! Because the term “side effects”, a direct result of a lot of protein powder fitness novice daunting! According to statistics: “If the long-term excessive intake of protein, protein decomposition products in vivo accumulation will affect the normal liver and kidney function and immunity.

“But just protein powder, salt we eat every day, if long-term excessive consumption, but also the” side effects “of the study showed that people suffering from high blood pressure but also eating salty, burden on the heart, causing heart failure, systemic edema and ascites. suffering from nephritis, cirrhosis of the people, will be aggravated due to eating salty edema symptoms. That is, a reasonable intake of protein without side effects. Chinese nationals Chinese Nutrition Society recommended in 2000 according to per day for adults and 1.16 g / kg body weight, children and adolescents 1.68 / kg body weight. Fitness crowd consumption due to the movement in this standard has increased.

What people fit to eat whey protein powder?

1, normal-weight people gain muscle;
2, weight gain lean muscle weight gain crowd;
3, dieting to lose weight in the crowd.

Note: If you lose weight people eat whey protein powder, it must be with diet. Because whey protein itself does not have weight loss. Whey protein supplements diet crowd, three meals a day diet to compensate for the process, the missing part of the body that essential proteins.

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What is to increase muscle powder?

Increase muscle powder is a high quality whey protein concentrate and isolate the entire protein promoting effect of the other ingredients of the perfect combination of product. It provides protein, carbohydrates, fats and other important product to increase muscle volume and number of related nutrients. Compared with the whey protein powder, increase muscle powder provide more heat. But because the increased muscle powder contains a variety of substances, protein purity is not high, the effect may not be better than that of pure whey protein powder to increase muscle trainer for advanced.

Increase the amount of muscle powder?

Due to increased muscle protein powder is the main component, but the proportion of protein relatively low whey protein powder. It is also because of increased muscle protein powder ratio is not high, so increasing the amount of muscle powder can reach about 50–150 grams per day. In the United States Rex increase muscle powder (sizeup), for example, the official suggested 4 tablespoons each, namely 167 grams. Kang Bite official Jianjining powder II is recommended that each taking 50 grams. So different are not the same amount of product.

What people eat for muscle gain powder?

Weight gain lean muscle weight gain crowd; normal weight gain muscle groups:

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What is L-carnitine?

L-carnitine (L-carnitine), also known as L- carnitine or transliteration of carnitine, a fat into energy to promote a class of amino acids, red meat is the main source of L-carnitine, non-toxic side effects on the human body. Different types of diet already contains 5–100 mg of L-carnitine, but most people can only intake of 50 mg per day from dietary intake of less vegetarians. The main physiological function of L-carnitine to promote fat into energy, taking L-carnitine can reduce body fat and reduce weight while not reducing water and muscle, in 2003 the International Obesity Health Organization has been identified as the most secure no side effects weight loss nutritional supplements.

What are the side effects of L-carnitine?

Online opinions about the side effects of L-carnitine, since in 2003 the International Obesity Health Organization has been identified as the safest weight loss without side effects nutritional supplements. Why another one said side effects? Thanks to our strong cottage industry, pure enough, chaotic add other ingredients. Originally a good thing, can be dangerous rumors sky. Recommends that when consumers buy a left-handed, be sure to choose well-known brands: Kang Bite, excellent uh, Tomson times, the United States and Rex and a series of big brands. Stop for a few money problems fascination cottage.

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What is creatine?

Creatine is an amino acid produced naturally in the human body, it can quickly increase muscle strength, promote new muscle growth, speed up recovery from fatigue, improve explosive. Creatine is stored in the human body more strength and athletic ability are stronger. It not only can quickly provide energy. It can increase strength, muscle growth, speed up recovery from fatigue. Creatine then more human memory capacity, the more adequate supply of energy, fatigue recovery, the faster, the kinetic energy of the stronger. When the physical exertion, the body takes about five grams of creatine a day or so. But the daily diet can not fully meet the requirements of creatine.

Creatine have side effects?

Creatine metabolism in the body through the kidneys into creatinine, taking too much whether it will cause kidney dysfunction? Scientists confirmed that taking a daily twenty grams of creatine does not cause side effects on the human body. The only discovered when the load exceeds the body, the situation will be the incidence of diarrhea, but the diarrhea cases will decrease the dose of the stop; the other can cause serious side effects of steroid enhancers, the creatine is really safe and reliable, but it!

But it needs and that is: not only low purity creatine no apparent effect, but also harmful. Hazardous substances is primarily a derivative called dicyandiamide, it will increase the burden of renal excretion. So, for health, be sure to purchase a purity of more than 99.99% of creatine. Not in order to save a little money and hurt the body. For example, some small workshops themselves formulated creatine powder, due to limitations of equipment and technology, and its purity is far from standard.

How to take creatine?

Creatine taking as one cycle every 8 weeks, and each cycle is divided into two stages. The first phase, which is 20 grams per day savings period, a total of one week. That is, four times a day, each 5 g, usually in the morning, noon, 5 grams before training, after training. The second stage is to keep the period of five grams per day, a total of seven weeks. That is, after every 15–30 minutes before training or training taking five grams. After the end of each cycle, deactivate one week before the beginning of the next cycle.

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What is glutamine?

Glutamine, scientific name: 2-amino-5-carboxy-pentanamide. Glutamic acid amides. L- Glutamine is an amino acid encoded protein synthesis, mammalian non-essential amino acids, can be converted by the glucose from the body.

When bodybuilders and other athletes performing high intensity strength training, glutamine levels in the body can be reduced by 50% (a few hours after exercise in order to restore the original level) at this time, if not its own synthesis through diet or get enough glutamine muscle protein decomposition occurs, in order to meet the needs of the body’s glutamine. This not only affects the muscle volume, also reduce the body’s immunity, because the immune system Glutamine is released mainly from skeletal muscle. For a long time, lower plasma glutamine levels after exhaustive exercise, some people may sustain low levels of a few weeks, months or even years.

Glutamine role?

Studies have shown that timely supplement with glutamine, say, the United States and Rex glutamine, can effectively prevent the break down muscle protein, and cooperation through the cell water, increasing the volume of cells and promote muscle growth. Glutamine is one of the few amino acids can promote the release of growth hormone. Studies have shown that oral administration of 2 grams of glutamine can make four times the level of growth hormone, insulin and testosterone secretion, thereby enhancing synthesis muscle. General fitness enthusiasts use supplements more than perfectly adequate, and save time and safely.

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