I can Always Drink Tea!

My Internet Moment — How IT Drives Me To Tea!

No Listeners. No Followers. No Likes — Dam!

I have written a few blog posts about how I love IT and why, so I will just repeat that I am having a fabulous experience. I love learning all these new things that the internet can do to make my life a good time. Presently, I am moving toward learning the difference in a domain name, hosting a website and a Blog. Finally, this morning, after dancing all around Go Daddy and HostGator, I landed back again at Google. That comes as no surprise to me because I have a great relationship with Google plus.

I am convinced that many people are doing fabulously well — financially — using internet technology. I, however, still have that to learn — the making money part that is. I just know that I’m missing something and I am determined to find out what it is and make it work.

In addition to my Google Plus account, I had I have a blog spot for a few years, and recently I am consistently posting, making every effort to provide relevant information. I publish on my blog spot a minimum of once a week. I have a twice-weekly, half-hour Blog Talk Radio Show. I even have a YouTube channel. I publish on LinkedIn a minimum of twice a month.

What’s the point or the problem?

[Shouting now]

I will tell you what the point is: nobody reads my blogs. If they do, they don’t follow or comment or subscribe. Nobody listens to my shows. If anybody is listening to my shows they surely don’t do it while I’m on the air and I do damn good shows okay? So what I need is to learn how to connect all these things.

Fully 22 people have me in their circles.
Yesterday’s post has had 5 views, and…
55 is the most any one post has been read…

Today I finally learned nobody reads my blog because I don’t have a website or a domain name. You can imagine how many questions I asked before somebody finally told me why I need a domain name and web hosting. You can imagine how many blogs and help Pages I’ve read on this topic still trying to figure this out and still not getting it.

So here I am again still trying like hell to figure out what I’m supposed to do! I promise you one thing I am going to make use of it!

To repeat: the problem is: No listeners. No readers. No followers.

And if that’s not enough of a story for you, try this:

I recently decided[oh, six weeks ago] that I couldn’t keep up with Twitter Facebook LinkedIn and a blog spot so I deleted my Twitter account. [If you leave a twitter account inactive for 30 days or less, you can resurrect it with no problem. Apparently, I waited too long.] So, I deactivated my Twitter account. Following consultation with my local IT Guru [who works at Wal-Mart], I realize that I needed my Twitter account. I was up to almost 200 followers in just a short while. I go back to Twitter I reactivate my account but I can no longer use my Twitter handle.

So what does that mean? It means I gotta change my Twitter handle and start all over again! Lord-ee! There’s got to be somebody who can get me around that. My Remote IT Guru @Oviomaigho Christopher [in Nigeria] fell off the face of the Earth. I don’t know what else to do because none of the stupid stuff that I read on Twitter’s help Pages tells me anything, unless it’s hidden somewhere that I can’t find it.


Also, you can’t talk to a human at Twitter and ask any questions. So here I am I am, frustrated, agitated, slightly hungry and still trying! But don’t you worry! I’ll get it! I promise you that. I’ll get it in the meantime I sure would appreciate somebody who reads this post today listening to me on blogtalk radio show and reading my other blogs.

Hey, I think this would make a great series! Sure, I can carry on about this for good!

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