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95 Theses for a New Health Ecosystem

Health Rosetta
May 4, 2015 · 18 min read

Health and healthcare will reach its full potential with new incentives and the democratization of health information.

Initial Draft by Dave Chase and Leonard Kish. Please note key first draft contributors below. We welcome input and feedback, however large or small they might be. We published in Medium due to its capability to allow annotations and comments. Feel free to use them if you have suggestions for improvement. After this round of feedback, we will publish a final version that is version 1.0. Think of this as version 0.8.

Where we hope to go from here

We are in the process of turning the Theses into a book. We’re super excited about getting some of the most interesting people in healthcare, science, public health and policy being willing to contribute. Individuals such as Esther Dyson, Susannah Fox, Bill Gates, Eric Topol and many others have embraced this project. Each thesis will be expanded upon by the thought leader. We welcome any feedback on who the most compelling individual would be for each thesis. Via Medium you can annotate the specific thesis with your ideas.

95 Health Enlightenment Theses

A New Science

1.A new social, psychological, biological, and information-driven medical science is emerging that is harnessing environmental context, data, sensors and networks to better predict, prevent and treat the root causes of disease. It’s precision medicine, but more, because it will predict events before they occur. There have been profound changes in what information is relevant (and useful). No vision of the future of medicine can be complete or even competent if it doesn’t recognize these new sources of information.

Openness Drives Effective Action

Health is often dependent on credible, timely and actionable information access. Information that is contextualized contributes to health literacy. Literacy fuels outcomes. Outcomes will fuel income.

Economics and Transparency

11. Information asymmetries lead to inefficient systems and sub-optimal outcomes. Access to life-saving, taxpayer-supported research must be open.

Relationships and Peer to Peer Networks Will Become Central

Relationships are changing quickly due to ubiquitous connectivity, and we’re finding they are related to outcomes.

New Intelligence

20. To “Cognify” (h/t Kevin Kelly) is to instill intelligence into something. Medical knowledge will increasingly be “cognified” into the IoT and much of the world around us is made “smart” and data-aware. This is good, and will free people to care for themselves where they want to receive care.

Community-driven health

A high value healthcare delivery systems is the best economic development tool available. [A high value community delivers more to companies than any tax break could offer.]

New Choices for Individuals and Care Teams

The best medicine is a healthy lifestyle (healthy diet, exercise and sufficient sleep) and surroundings. Both the individual and care team should factor this in directly into healthcare, rather than an afterthought.

Individuals and Engagement

40. Individuals and their caregivers are the greatest untapped sources of information, knowledge and motivation. Optimizing care means partnering with individuals and caregivers to empower them.

New Economics

Let evidence, not tradition or revenue and not misaligned incentives dictate care choices. Recognize that cost transparency and quality transparency, are critical to a well functioning system. Transparency is at the root of effective economies and better economics; therefore, more effective health decisions. Choice of treatment options must also be presented.

New Education

Medical education must be re-imagined.

New Data Ownership Rights

Information rights are required to empower consumer-mediated exchange. An individual’s data is a measure of their health and their life and should be guaranteed access. Appropriate government oversight can support and accelerate these items. Regardless of political stripe, there is shared interest in supporting openness and standards that encourage the appropriate secure flow of information.

New Roles and Relationships for Providers

The best care is realized when the healthcare partnership between clinicians and their patients is fully empowered.

New Life Science & MedTech/Device

Don’t make the same mistake railroad companies made thinking they were in the railroad business (rather than the transportation business). People crave independence and will seek more personal transportation, a more direct route to where they’re headed. It’s limiting to think of a company as a pill or device company. Rather, they are in the prevention and condition management business, and a partner in working with individuals and their data. There is an emerging confluence of pills, devices, technology and biology that will lead to whole knew ways to monitor and treat diseases and conditions.

New Health Plans, New Health Benefits

With the lowest Net Promoter Score of any industry and unprecedented regulatory changes, there has never been a more logical time for health plans to radically reinvent themselves.

New System

Much of our cost and quality problems come from where medicine is practiced and by whom. De novo is de rigueur.

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