Glass vs. Plastic Baby Bottles

When we adopted our infant son in 2015, we had to be well prepared with bottles and formula. After doing a lot of research, we knew we didn’t want to use plastic bottles or sippy cups for our children. Even though BPA is no longer used (the FDA banned its use in 2012), is the replacement any better? Isn’t it too early to know how the new plastic will affect us in the future? There are more studies coming out that have found many BPA-free products to leach other endocrine disrupter chemicals into the foods/liquids it holds. That search led me to find these Dr. Brown’s glass bottles. There are very few options out there for glass bottles (Life Factory is another brand that has some), but tons of plastic options. And good luck trying to find glass bottles in the stores. Online was the only option for us and we live in a large metropolitan area with all the major stores 10 minutes from home. So we purchased the 4 ounce and 8 ounce bottles and were extremely happy with them. Yes, they have the extra inserts that you have to clean, but this really helped decrease the amount of air he was taking in and decreased how much he spit up. We tried the Life Factory 4 ounce bottles, but you had to occasionally remove the nipple from his mouth to allow the air to get into the bottle so he didn’t create a vacuum. However, we later used the Life Factory bottles for a sippy cup and loved them for that purpose.

Fast forward to late 2016 when we adopted an infant girl and needed to start all over with bottles. We were well prepared this time, until she went to daycare. We thought we would take 4 bottles to daycare with her each day and bring them home every night. However, they said they could keep them at daycare and would clean them for us. Bonus because this was less I had to carry in and out every day (2 kids in daycare already is a lot of stuff to bring every day!). But this meant we had less bottles at home to use. So, back to Amazon we went only to find out the nice 8 ounce Dr. Brown’s glass bottles were discontinued. We looked all over online and found some on eBay for outrageous prices. I wasn’t about to pay $30–50/bottle! But, we did see that Dr. Brown’s now has a wide mouth 9 ounce glass bottle (they also have a smaller 5 ounce bottle). We were hesitant to go this route, but since we had such good luck with the last set of bottles, we decided to get a couple. Needless to say, we love them! They are very comfortable to hold, she doesn’t dribble as much, and they still have the inserts to help decrease air intake. Nicely done, Dr. Brown’s!