Homemade Baby Wipes

One of my sisters ran a daycare for years and she originally sent me the recipe for these wipes years ago. I only started making them recently when our son was born and love them. He has had very few diaper rashes and my daughter has never had any in her 3 months of life. I remember a couple years ago hearing about how one brand of wipes was found to have glass shards in them. Can you imagine putting that on your baby?! We have been very happy with these wipes and they are extremely cost effective. So here’s the recipe:

Half a roll of paper towel (tricky part is cutting this in half, make sure your knife is sharp and don’t use a serrated knife)

1.5–2 cups water

2 tablespoons baby shampoo

2 tablespoons baby oil

After cutting the paper towel in half, remove the cardboard middle piece. Place the paper towel inside a Tupperware container with a top on it. Mix the water, shampoo, and oil together well. Pour over the paper towels and keep the cover on the container so they don’t dry out.

If the wipes are too wet, leave the cover off for a few hours to let it dry out.

If the wipes are too dry, just pour some water over it again.

Tips: 1. Most people say you have to use Bounty paper towels, but we use the Kirkland brand from Costco and haven’t had any problems with it.

2. Hard part is finding a Tupperware container to put it in. I am always trying to avoid plastic containers as much as possible, but I couldn’t find a glass container that would hold the paper towels either. And with how many times my son kicks the container off the changing table, it’s probably good I don’t have glass.

3. You can also be cautious of what baby shampoo you use. You can use any kind, but I try to use safe shampoos (least amount of chemicals). I don’t buy anything with “fragrance” or anything ending with “parabens” in it. This is what I use: Babo Botanicals Natural Lavender Shampoo

4. You can also use any baby oil, however I have also used fractionated coconut oil, sweet almond oil, or castor oil and they have all been great. I was using The Honest Company Baby Oil too, but those bottles were pretty small for the price and I went through them too fast.

5. These are also great to take camping!