How Healthureum fits in the Indian Healthcare Sector

The Healthureum couldn’t have come at a better for the majority of Indian people. India is one of the emerging economies in the world and contributes a significantly to the population of the world. The Healthureum project was developed in order to make healthcare more accessible and affordable in India.

In India, people who live below the poverty datum line are entitled to free healthcare through government hospital. However, the service in the public hospitals is really poor which leads to many people to opt for private care. The government hospitals offer patients free medicine and diagnosis. For people who live in rural areas, the access to healthcare is still much of a problem.

Looking at the private sector, the majority of the people cannot afford. Those who can afford it are insured for hospitalization and other expenses. There is little to no insurance that covers consultation or medication. Over half of Indian families prefer private Healthcare to public care. At the heart of India’s health problems are:

· Long distance — the public hospitals are spatially dispersed. This means that patients have to travel long distances before they get to the hospital. The majority of those who rely on public care are those who live below the poverty datum line, therefore, transport costs will set them back financially.

· Longer waiting times — India’s healthcare is mainly affected by longer waiting times caused by the high patient-doctor ratio. This also shows a lack of efficiency in serving patients.

· Hours of operation — there is no convenience in the hours of operation of the healthcare facilities.

· A smaller fraction of India’s population is insured.

· Shortage of qualified and experienced healthcare workers in public hospitals especially in the rural areas.

Healthureum to the rescue

Thanks to the Healthureum platform, there is some hope to fix some of the problems that exist in the healthcare industry. Healthureum has designed a platform that directly and indirectly solves the majority of the problems. Here are some of the ways that Healthureum will tackle India’s healthcare problems:

· Qualified personnel — the Healthureum Blockchain network will be a community of patients and healthcare practitioners. The practitioners on the network will be strictly scrutinized before they can be allowed to be part of the network. In the long run, the network will only consist of skilled, talented, and experienced healthcare practitioners.

· Access to loans–many people cannot afford to pay for private loans. The Healthureum platform will help the patients to secure loans and pay for their healthcare. The loans will be paid via the distributed Healthureum that is safe and secure. The patients will have easy access to the loan and they can even get access to a Healthureum registered physician. This allows the payment made on the blockchain network to be faster and quicker.

· Unique treatment plans — Healthureum patients will receive unique treatment plans.

· Sponsorship programs — the healthcare sector in suffers from ashortage of equipment and drugs. With Healthureum’s philanthropic and sponsorship program, many people will receive better and high-quality care financed by well-wishers.

· Global medical payment — those who may wish to receive their medication beyond the borders of India can do so knowing that their payments will be processed swiftly and quickly.

· Quick access to one’s medical records — when patients visit healthcare institutions, there are delays for them to have access to their medical records and data. This results in undesired and longer waiting times. Patients on the Healthureum network don’t have to wait for their data and medical records. Their data is readily available on demand. Moreover, the data can only be viewed by patients and physicians, eliminating the possibility of a data breach.

· No waiting time — patients on the Healthureum blockchain do not have to wait long before they can see a physician. They can get quick medical attention from Healthureum registered physician. This improves efficiency.

· Future guarantee — although the Healthureum project is still in its infancy, it is already showing the signs of improving and becoming better in the future. The users of the blockchain network should be comforted by the fact that the platform will grow and provide improved services that the patients never thought possible.

· Fraud — the healthcare is unfortunately characterized by fraud due to incorrect billings and so on. The Healthureum platform, through its smart contract, ensures that fraud is totally eliminated. When a patient seeks the services of a physician, a smart contract is initiated and it will only execute when the preset conditions are met. These conditions are meant to protect both the patient and the physician. more info please visit